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Inspiration can come from any form of media. Or it can present itself in a current event, watching other creative people, a desire to change a wrong, or just from a muse.

My newest Inspiration came from my recent trip to Art Basil Miami, a week long event in Miami every December that showcases modern artists works from all over the world. From the million dollar cutting edge modern works and the famous Miro and Keith Herring pieces in the Miami convention center, to the many smaller gallery shows in every available space throughout Miami, there was Inspiration everywhere to draw upon.

What is your Inspiration?



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  1. when I think of inspiration I think of not only media but anything in general. For instance, sounds of our everyday life. I got inspiration one time from my dog. From listening to her play with a squeaky toy one time and she started squeaking the toy in a rhythmic pattern that made me start to come up with a beat in my head. Just like that I had inspiration to make something. Inspiration for me can come in any kind of form. Not just from media. I believe if you have a big imagination that helps with putting things together to create something from practically nothing. I enjoyed reading your blog it was very inspiring for me. The name is Brandon Anderson and I’m a upcoming audio producer at West Liberty University. You can check me out here:

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