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Visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam in June 2013 was inspirational on many levels. This newly reopened museum featured more Van Gogh’s then anywhere in the world. I have seen his work in NYC, Paris, and also visited where he last lived and eventually died in the south of France. Being able to be within inches of his works and admire the details of his brushstrokes and color choices left me in awe. I have also stood in the actual room he so famously painted here in the insane asylum before he took off his ear and his life.

I have a song called The Night Painter that I will be performing at The White House in Orlando on October 27th 2013 that I have dedicated to this painter and his work that has inspired me throughout the years. I also feel like a night painter when creating my tone poems in the late night and early morning hours.

What is your inspiration that will allow you to bring this level of detail to your work?

As long as there is an artist with a vision, something to say and a unique way of saying it, there hopefully will be an audience to support their ideas. Our goal as producers is to find that vision and shed a light on it.

The actual room he painted.

The actual room he painted.


My new album The Color OF Chill: A collective journey inspired by world cultures

TheColorOfChillFriends and fans

I have been creating and releasing music from my heart since 1992. Now 20 years after my first worldwide release of Cairo, I am releasing a new 14 song collection called “The Color of Chill”.

All of my music has been inspired by trips I have taken throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. My hope is that you will be inspired by my music and experience your own journey while traveling through your day, whether at work, traveling, or relaxing.

Take a listen to The Color of Chill on or on iTunes:

All four of my full length CD’s are available as a download on for only $8 each and are also available on iTunes and Amazon

My hope is that you will continue sharing my journey while experiencing your own.
In gratitude!

Paul Harlyn • •

It it feels good……..

It might sound obvious but when deciding between vocal takes or if an instrument should be added to an arrangement, go with your gut. It does not lie to you unless you want it to.

Sometimes you really want your gut to lie to you.
Sometimes you have to be less then harsh to spare the feelings of a delicate artist.

But most of the time, lead with your gut and head down the path that feels the truest.

My body is an indicator of what I am feeling. If I start bending my back when a singer is trying to hit a high note, my body is instinctually trying to bend the note as a guitar player would when reaching for an emotional peak.

Trust your body. It knows what is good.

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Less is more

Whenever I get to a place where adding or changing small items do not help to bring out the best in a song, I tear it down and build from the foundation.

Leave the vocal and the most important instrument to convey the emotion of he song, then add parts one at a time that are really necessary and do not fight each other. Less parts mean each can be louder and have it’s own space.

Be ruthless and do not hold on to the past.

Five Questions

Five questions to ask an artist before you produce them:

1. What are your influences?
2. Who are your favorite current artists?
3. How do you see yourself as an artist?
4. How do you want to be seen as an artist?
5. What kind of music career do you want to have in the future?

Once these are answered honestly, the many decisions that must be made regarding song styles and choices, vocal delivery, and arrangements will be made with the end game in mind.

Inspired from an article by producer Cliff Magness

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