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Hearing Pat Metheny speak and play in Orlando

Pat Metheny came to Rollins College in Orlando this week for 3 different events.
It kicked off with an interview by the Wall Street Journal music writer and author Terry Teachout.

They covered his over 40 music career and Pat’s musings on all things music.
Below are some of his quotes with a few additions of my own,

The events also included a masters class and a concert on the final night.

Q. What do you think about when you improvise?

A. You do not think about the process or the mechanics of writing when you write words. It can be the same when speaking through your instrument. Improvising is like communicating with who you are speaking with (the other musicians) and also reaching any other listener (the audience).

Q. What does the word jazz mean to you?

A. It is all just music. Not putting labels on music can open the pallet to fresh ways of listening.

Music it a scripture that is unique to each of us. It can reach beyond anything anyone can describe. As soon as you do, it gets lost beyond your capture point.

My final thoughts:
I came away humbled and inspired by Pat’s talent, honesty, and humanity. We are all students and never stop learning The deeper you go the more the sea looks vast and never ending.

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